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Information - on all kinds of topics - is what we have to offer our clients. We keep you informed on your topic of interest at the time anything about it hits the airwaves, after its broadcast, or in case it never gets released.

Whenever you give us a monitoring assignment, you must first pick the parameters of your subscription and tell us:

  • what you want us to look for (any mention of your name, a particular topic of interest, etc.);
  • for how long;
  • what geographical area you are interested in, i.e., local (by city), regional (by province), or national (covering the whole country).
Data Segments
The monitoring results will be presented as data segments. Each segment summarizes a particular radio or TV newscast, identifies the topic of interest and specifies the name and duration of the program, the date and time of the broadcast, the host's name, the people interviewed, etc.

The collected information can be transmitted in one of the following formats:

  • Segment reports , which contain all the data segments over a period of time;
  • Transcripts , word-for-word verbatim transcripts of the news segments you are interested in;
  • Translation , we can also translate the information you want into another language, if that is more convenient for you. Indeed, we offer full linguistic services, covering just about any field of activity, in over ten combinations of languages.
  • Audio/video cassettes , whereby segments of particular interest to you are assembled on audio/video cassettes.

Previously Released Information:

  • All audio and video recordings of radio or TV broadcasts are kept for thirty days;
  • Monitoring notes are kept for sixty days.












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