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When you ask us to monitor publications, you must first pick the parameters of your subscription and tell us:
  • what you want us to look for (any mention of your name, a particular topic of interest, etc.);
  • for how long;
  • what geographical area you are interested in.
All articles appearing on the topics you have chosen will then be cut, pasted, annotated with pertinent information about the publication in which they appeared, and then put together as a press review. You can then choose to add options to facilitate its use:

  • Summaries
    Our editors can prepare a summary for each selected article.
  • Translation
    The articles and/or their summaries can be translated into the language of your choice.
  • Categories
    All articles can be sorted according to predetermined categories that match your interests.
  • Table of contents
    A table listing all publications and article titles in each category can be conveniently placed at the beginning of your press review, allowing you to conduct rapid searches for material. Hyperlinks can also be used to take you directly to your choice of priority themes.
  • Index
    To further facilitate your use of the press review, we can provide an index of the companies and/or organizations that are mentioned, with the corresponding page number.
  • Delivery
    You can download your press review from our FTP site or we can deliver it by e-mail at your convenience (whenever you want, as often as you like and wherever you may be).
Previously released information :
  • All publications are kept for thirty days;
  • Beyond this time limit, our computerized databases allow access to back issues/editions of major newspapers and publications.












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