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"Manage information to better master communication"

The traditional media as well as the more unconventional ones have a direct influence on a company's image, its management, its products, its services, and ultimately, on its business performance. Furthermore, the media will circulate a lot of information about companies, their markets, and their competitors.

The more information is available, the less time one has to process it all and the greater the risk of misinterpreting the data available, of losing relevant information and of generally making its efficient use difficult.

To address these concerns, we offer you a computerized system and a method of analysis that enables us to:

  • Gather information: We monitor the national and international press, data banks, and electronic information networks;
  • Archive: Thanks to our smart computerized archiving system, it is now possible to instantaneously retrieve all items pertaining to your field of activity according to various criteria;
  • Analyze: By measuring the level of interest that journalists show for the various themes that are proposed and determining their personal opinion as well as their degree of involvement, we help you optimize your media image.

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