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  Crisis Situationse

  • Environmental impact of a project, a work method or an accident;
  • labour dispute;
  • reduction of activities or closing of a company;
  • denunciation of business practices;
  • terrorism;
  • accusations of all kinds;
  • threats, bomb scares, kidnapping, blackmail;
  • demonstration or public controversy;
  • etc.

When disaster strikes, you know how essential it is to have quick and secure access to information in order to manage the crisis effectively.

We will inform you of each news item as it is aired and have you listen in by phone to what journalists are reporting, in every city affected, anywhere in Canada, all in record time. Computerized research can be transmitted every hour to the people concerned. We will also send you transcripts or cassettes and prepare a press review that will be sent to you very early in the morning.

Our multi-faceted service ensures that your needs will be met, day or night, whenever anything we consider relevant to your case occurs. A variety of specialists are always on stand-by, ready to assist you with emergency transcripts or segment reports transmitted as the crisis unfolds.

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